Thursday, June 16, 2011


Judgmental people are the worst!

Everywhere we go, grocery store, library, work, school, the park...regardless of where we go there is ALWAYS someone there that is going to be judgmental based on the kind of car you drive (or don't drive), the kind of clothes you wear, your hairstyle, the way you dress or the way you speak. You can be having a fairly intelligent conversation with someone and then out of nowhere they attack you in some judgmental fashion for what?? Because they learn something about you that they think isn't 'normal' in their eyes. They don't know WHY you are the way you are, or WHY you are in the situation you are in all they know how to be is judgmental based on partial information. Instead of acknowledging that not every one's life is perfection and ideal, they stand in judgment. Perhaps before you pass judgment from atop your high horse, you should ask someone WHY things are the way they are instead of looking down on them.

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